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Glacier tunnel in Langjökull: Transfer from Reykjavik

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From Reykjavik we will take you to the second largest glacier in Europe, Langjökull, and show you its spectacular ice tunnel!

About the Glacier tunnel in Langjökull: Transfer from Reykjavik

This is a day full of experiences.

  1. We pick you up at your hotel in Reykjavik and drive towards the glacier tunnel in Langjøkull, Iceland’s largest glacier.
  2. On the way we stop at the beautiful Hraunfossar which is a waterfall running through lava stones.
  3. After a lunch stop at Hotel Husafell we arrive at the bottom of the glacier. Here you can borrow overalls.
  4. We change to a modified bus that will take us further up the glacier and to the entrence of the glacier tunnel.

An experienced guide will guide you all the way and make sure everyone is enjoying it to the fullest. On our way back to Reykjavik during the summer period (June – September) we drive a scenic road through Kaldidal highland and the beautiful Thingvellir National Park.


  • Hraunfossar
  • Hotel Husafell. Here we stop for about 30 min to eat lunch (you can buy your own lunch at Hotel Husafell or bring a lunch pack)
  • Langjökull glacier
  • Ice tunnel


  • Tour type: Caving/ Glacier tunnel
  • Season: All year
  • Tour duration: 9-10 hours 
  • Pick up time: Up to 30 minutes before tour departure. 
  • Guided in: English
  • Minimum age: No age limit


Tour ID: IC2 - Day tour - with Reykjavik Excursion

What is included in this tour? Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  1. Pick up / Drop off: At your hotel or guesthouse in Reykjavik (drivers do not enter the hotel / guesthouse, so you have to be ready outside)*
  2. Type of transfer: Bus from Reykjavik and modified glacier vehicle on the glacier.
  3. Stops at: Hraunfossar, Husafell and Langjokull glacier
  4. Entrance ticket: into the glacier
  5. Guide: English speaking driver/guide/audio guide
  6. Free WiFi: in modified glacier vehicles
  7. Overalls: to use inside the glacer tunnel

*If your hotel is located in down town Reykjavik please read about the bus stops here:

What should you bring?
  1. Warm and waterproof jacket
  2. Hat and mittens
  3. Warm and waterproof shoes (cold feet can ruin the fun)
  4. Sunglasses (the sun can be very sharp on the glacier as it is reflected in the snow)
  5. Lunch (you have the opportunity to buy lunch at the stop at Husafell)

The points above apply both summer and winter.

What is not included in this tour? Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  1. Food and beverage 
The temperature in the ice cave is usually around 0°C/32°F
Many of our coaches do have Wi-Fi connectivity but not all of them. So you can unfortunately not rely on having a Wi-Fi connection. There are not Wi-Fi inside the glacier tunnel.
There are no food and drinks served inside the glacier tunnel. You can however buy food and drink at Húsafell. We advise you to either buy or bring with you some provisions on the tour, for example some snacks and a bottled drink.
There are toilets at some of the stopovers, but not all. There are good toilets at Húsafell, and dry toilets at Klaki base camp, where you get transfer up to the glacier by the 8 wheels driven super truck. You are encouraged to use these toilets. There is a portable toilet at the glacier tunnel, but it is really intended for emergency use only.
We recommend walking boots, snow shoes, wellies or any shoes designed for the outdoor as it can get both cold and wet inside the glacier tunnel.
You need to be fit enough to walk approx 500m on snow and ice, and be OK standing up for approximately an hour.
The floor of the ice tunnel is made out of snow and ice. It is likely to be a bit slippery and wet so we urge our guests to bare that in mind when entering the ice cave. Your guide will however provide slip on crampons for safety precaution that go over your own boots
The ice tunnel and caves is well lit so there is no need to bring a torch. Your guide will have an emergency torch and there are also emergency lights according to regulations to ensure safety inside the ice cave.
It can get very cold on the glacier, even during summertime. The temperature inside the into the glacier tunnel is around 0°C (32°F) so you need to be properly dressed to feel comfortable. We recommend layers of clothing, which can be taken off or put on as needed, which may include a vest / thermals, a top, jumper and a warm waterproof and windproof coat. Water repellent footwear is also needed. It could also be wise to wear a hat to keep you warm and a sun cap to protect you from sunburn on sunny days as the ice can reflect sunlight meaning that you can get sunburn easier. We also recommend that you bring with you some food and snacks and if you want to capture the experience make sure to bring your camera.
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