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Super Jeep Safari in Iceland

The Icelandic nature is both beautiful and rough. The Super Jeep Rental Iceland gives us opportunity to explore the hole country in an adventurous way.  They are best suited for rough and difficult terrain, especially driving on the snow during winter time and up on glaciers all the year around. They reach exciting places that normal cars not can drive to. The tour will definitely be more adventurous on Super Jeep and obviously with experienced and knowledgeable driver guides.

Iceland is a unique volcanic island in Europe, geographically it is part of North America and Europe. The island is placed astride the North Atlantic ridge and has so called hot spot located underneath. Because of the location the nature is very much alive and can easily give you a good memory of a lifetime. The capital is Reykjavik. If we describe the beauty of Iceland it leads us to landscapes, geysers, volcanoes, hot springs, glaciers and lava fields. The best time of the year to go to Iceland is January – December. Iceland is one of the safest places to travel in the world.

super jeep safari in iceland

Speaking about Iceland day tour and its beauty we definitely talk about the Icelandic Super Jeep, a powerful Icelandic jeep 4x4 with lots of exciting equipment. These cars are maybe one of the things Iceland is most known for.

ICELAND Adventures:

Super Jeep safari in Iceland is a lot of fun if you really want to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the nature. The Super jeep will pick you up on your accommodation and take you on a memorable journey. You can choose where to explore, the glacier, highland, national parks. Each tour is unique and will take you through places with eye-catching view. You can enjoy stunning glaciers, beautiful nature and colors of the landscape. And last but not least the power of the cars and what they are good for. The Super Jeep safari in Iceland can also be combined with other activities such as snowmobile tour, buggy safari, caving to mention something. It is the customer who decides. Do not forget to bring your camera.

super jeep safari in iceland

Icelanders love to explore their country. In Iceland it is not allowed to drive off-road which is no problem because we have a lot of tracks up in the mountains that we are allowed to use. Those tracks are often in bad conditions. The big tiers are the key. We take some air out of those to make them softer and it helps. Suddenly the bumpy tracks are no problem to drive on any more. We found out that tiers with lower air pressure has much more grip than tiers with normal air pressure. If we take almost all air out of those tiers, we can let our 4x4 cars float up on the snow.


About Super Jeep Safari:

The Super Jeep Rental Iceland started about 45 years ago. The Swedish had made a Volvo 4x4 called Laplander. Those cars had bigger tiers than most other 4x4 cars Icelanders were using at that time. This Volvo 4x4 was rater heavy, slow and clumsy so the Icelanders took the Laplander tiers and put it under their lighter and more powerful cars. Then the Icelandic Super Jeep adventure started for real.

 super jeep safari in iceland

We found out that the Americans had even bigger tiers than Volvo, so we bought those. To be able to use those big tiers we had to modify our cars. Then the Icelandic experience and unity took place. Icelanders love 4x4 cars. And they love to travel in groups, camping in the mountains, having fun and talk about how they can make their 4x4 cars better. Those Icelanders had different background and education. To make those new 4x4 better they put together their knowledge and experience. The results were 4x4 cars with enormous tiers that are easy to drive, they are strong, very liable, and we call them Super Jeep.

Why Super Jeep Safari:

Today cars like this have been over all the 5 biggest glaziers in Iceland which also are the biggest glaciers in Europe. The Icelandic power company used to have big trucks and snowcats which cost a lot of money to drive. After the power company got the Icelandic Super Jeep they had a vehicle that was better for the environment. They could use all the year around up in the mountains fixing powerlines. Super Jeep Safari is much cheaper, faster and more liable than snowcats so it was a win win situation for everyone.

super jeep safari in iceland