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5 good advices when planning your trip to Iceland

It can be overwhelming to plan a trip to a country you have never been to. The same goes for Iceland. We will therefor give you five good advices that hopefully will help you in your planning process.

1. Find out what kind of experiences you are looking for

It may be “easiest” to stay in Reykjavik, but will it give you the Icelandic adventure you are looking for? Reykjavik is great for those who want shopping and party (Icelandic people loves a great party), but if you are more of an adventurous type, there are other options. Read more in advice nr 2.

2. Try accommodating outside Reykjavik

One of the options are renting a cabin outside Reykjavik. We recommend the cabins of Minniborgir. If you want a more luxury version, Grimsborgir will be a great solution. These are located near Gullfoss and Geyser and are in the “centrum” of many of the best activities in Iceland. The cabins has their own Heitur Pottur which is an Icelandic type of hut tub heated by water from the local hot springs. Pretty cool…

Tip: You can combine accommodating inside and outside Reykjavik. If you are accommodating outside Reykjavik we recommend staying at least to nights.

3. Use the cabin as your base

One of the great benefits of staying at Minniborgir and surroundings are the accessibility for day tours to East and South Iceland. The weather is usually not the same in those two places so you can choose to explore the area that has the best weather. You can see the weather forecasts here.

4. Try out the local swimming  pools!

Icelanders love their outdoor swimming pools, Sundlaugar (plural). There are actually about 120 public swimming pools across the country. But isn´t a outdoor swimmingpool cold in Iceland? you may ask. No, it´s great! Almost all of the pools are geothermal heated and you will more or less be guaranteed to find a Icelandic hut tub, Heitur Pottur, next to the pool. You are actually not a real Icelander before you have tried the local Sundlaug. You can find a total overview of all the location here.

5. Rent a car!

Rent a car and be your own tour guide. You can find your suitable car here. It may sound scary to “be on your own” but it is not. The roads in Iceland are very easy: Highway 1 is the main road and goes all the way around Iceland. The different Natural Attractions and activities are usually nearby this road. We have marked all the activities where you can meet on location with your renting car. Mark the box “Meet on location” underneath “Departure from”, as in the picture below, link here.

Wondering what to pack with you?

We will create a separate blog post with a detailed packing list. Stay tuned!

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