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What to pack when going to Iceland

The most common question IceTour gets is what you should pack when going to Iceland. We have therefor created a complete packing list for you to use both summer and winter.

  1. Thermal underwear
    This is great to use underneath your windproof jacket. We recommend woolen underwear as it adapts to your bodytemperatur and dries fast if it gets wet.
  2. Warm sweater
    Bring a warm sweater you can use underneath your windproof jacket or just combined with your thermal underwear.
  3. Windproof jacket
    Iceland is an island and exposed to wind. A windproof jacket can therefor make your experience so much better 
  4. Sturdy shoes
    The Icelandic nature is uneven and rough. I (Elisabet) like to wear sturdy jogging shoes when I´m on day tours.
  5. Extra warm clothes to the evenings
    If you are camping it is great to enjoy the evenings outdoor. We therefor recommend you to bring something extra warm, similar to ski wear or an overall.
  6. A small back pack
    When you are out on day tours the weather may change very fast. Therefor we recommend you to bring your extra clothing in a small/handy back pack.
  7. Beanie, gloves and a scarf
    Pack them with you in your small back pack.
  8. Summer clothes
    Iceland can also be really warm. So at least bring a t-shirt and shorts with you.
  9. Swimwear and a towel
    This is a must to bring with you. As your can read in our previous blog post Icelanders love their outdoor public swimming pools. If you accidentally forget your swimwear and towel, do not worry, you can rent it in almost every swimming pool.
  10. One nice outfit
    The elements above includes the practical part of the packing list. You should also remember to bring a pair of nice shoes and clothes when visiting restaurants and clubs in Reykjavik. Some of them has a dresscode.
  11. Bring your vouchers
    If you have booked products on our website, remember to bring the vouchers with you.

Remember the basics

And then there is the more basic packing list that you should bring to every country you are traveling to:

  • Passport
  • Driver licens (if you are renting a car, or for example testing out the ATVs and Buggys)
  • Toiletries
  • Sleeping bag and tent (if you are going camping)

Any questions?

Feel free to leave a comment and we will come back to you as fast as possible.

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