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The lava tunnel in Iceland

As Iceland is an island full of volcanoes, we thought it was in its place to experience a lava tunnel. The tour is especially great if the weather is not that good, because you are underneath a volcano sealing most of the time. Our tour started (as usual) with getting the right gear. For this tour we only needed a helmet for safety reasons. On the helmets there were light because of the darkness further into the tunnel.

The tour

With the helmets on we followed the guide into the tunnel. At first the tunnel weren’t that dark because of the holes in the sealing. As we stood in the first part of the tunnel the guide made a stop to tell us a few facts about where we actually were standing. As the name indicates, lava has flown through this exact spot. It was pretty special to think about us standing in a wet tunnel, where enormous amounts of lava has been floating by. So much history. We followed narrow trails which lead us into a big tunnel with no day light. Here we where depending on unnatural lightning placed inside the tunnel.

During the tour our guide made a few more stops, to give us information about what we were seeing. It gave us a good inside knowledge of the tunnel, for example why it looks like it does.

After about 300 meters walking we turned around. Here we could see the trail that led to the more challenging tour, called the extreme tour. We went on the classic tour.

A Surprise

At one of the information points the guide told us to turn of the light on our helmets and close our eyes. We were supposed to stand completely still and just listen to the sounds in the tunnel. The next thing that happening were pretty amazing. The guide told us to open our eyes and there we were – standing in a completely dark lava tunnel. We have never in our lives experienced such darkness. At first it was a bit uncomfortable, but as we stood there we felt some kind of peace – listening to the dripping water. The guide turned the lights on and we went back to the opening of the tunnel.

A tour for everyone

The tour didn’t require a lot, other then to be able to walk. So we would say that almost everyone can join. Because of the wet clima in the tunnel bring a waterproof jacket, and some sturdy shoes for the occasionally slippery trails. Other then that, you can just take a good walk with friends and family and have a great experience.

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