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Snorkeling between two continental plates

On this tour we found ourself snorkeling in one of the clearest waters in the world! More precisely we went snorkeling in Silfra, located in a national park of Iceland, Thingvellir. One of the unique parts of snorkeling in Silfra is the scenario. You are floating between two continent plates in drinking water from the second largest glacier in Iceland, Landjökull. Pretty cool!

The clothing

First of all we need to tell you a about the clothing, as you cannot go into a 2-4 degrees water without the right gear – or you can, but you will most likely get an instant brain freeze, just ask Pål 

We brought our own warm thermal underwear and socks. The rest of the gear we borrowed when we arrived Silfra. The guide made sure we where dressed properly from head to toes. At first, we got a warm suit (a bit like the ghostbusters overalls) to wear underneath the dry suit. The dry suit and hoodie was a bit challenging to get on. But the guide knew all the right tricks, and helped us getting it on more easily.

To make sure to keep us dry the guide taped our wrists and strapped our necks. And of course we got diver gloves, finns, snorkel and goggles.

Our meeting with the water

So, the time of truth. Could the water be that cold? Our first step into the water didn’t feel that bad, as the dry suit did a good job keeping it out. Then our hands and faces touched the water and we could truly feel the cold temperature! But do not worry, after a couple of minutes you do not feel your face anymore 

The view

The first sight below the water edge was pretty amazing. The water was unbelievable clear and colorful. At the deepest part there was up to 120 meters of visibility down to the bottom. But there was also some shallow pars where we could have touched the bottom with our hands (in respect of the untouched nature we do not recommend this).

After following the slow stream and enjoying the colorful view our 30-40 minutes snorkeling tour came to an end, and we went back to the base about 200 meters from the water. Here we got some delicious hot chocolate and cookies.

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