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Rental car – with rooftop tent

This is a fantastic solution for us explorers! With this type of 4WD car you can be your own tour guide without worrying about where to stay the night. Hit the road and begin your adventure.

Extra equipment

If you want to travel light, you can rent all the equipment online and receive it when arriving Iceland. Pillows, madras and sheets are always included in the price.

Here is a list of rentable equipment:

  • Sleeping bags
  • Cocking equipment like: hot plate (tjek), pan, gryte (tjek), cutlery, cups, plates, thermos (tjek),

Places to camp

There is a lot of places to camp, with and without facilities. Make sure to watch the signs cause there are some places you are not allowed to camp.

No of-road driving

The Icelanders priorities their untouched nature very high, so please respect this and do not drive outside the road. This is not allowed by law anyway, so just don’t do it.

Book the car online

You can book your rental car here 

Video of the rental car


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