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Our journey to Iceland – When and what?

As we shared with you in our last blog post, we are going on an extremely exciting journey this summer! In this post, we want to tell you more about it.

When and what?

The 6th to the 13th of June, we are traveling to Iceland, testing out loads of exciting things to do there. And the best thing is, it will be easy for you to create your own adventure in Iceland, as all of the tours we are trying can be booked here on this website!

Up to us!

As it is totally up to us what we want to do, we will make sure the weather fits the activity. Therefore, we are not able to give you a full program at this point, because it can be changed. But of course, there are things that you have to do when in Iceland. Especially me, (Simone) are looking forward to the horseback riding on the Icelandic horses. Elisabet, on the other hand, aren’t as excited about the horses, but I will bet that she will love it the minute she experiences how calm and special it feels riding a horse in the nature. Therefore, the horseback riding is an absolutely must!
Besides that, we want to try out something with a little more horsepower ???? It may be a jeep, a buggy or an ATV – who knows, we may try it all ???? We will tell you more about it when we are certain of how our plans turn out.

Also, before our departure we will give you our best advices about what we recommend you pack pre your own trip to Iceland.

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Till next time,
Hugs Elisabet, Pål and Simone

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