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Our itinerary in Iceland

Hey guys!
We are really looking forward to our trip to Iceland tomorrow! Throughout our expedition we are going to try out a lot of exiting activities. One of the most exciting, yet challenging, aspects of Iceland is the change of weather. One day it might be sunny and warm and the next day Iceland really live up to its name. Therefore, we have tried to schedule a series of activities, but we have no certainty that it will go as planned.

Lava tunnel

So far, we hope to try the Lava tunnel of Raufarhólshellir. It is probably going to be the most extreme and close-to-nature-experience. It will lead us towards great lava waterfalls and tunnels. A tunnel that was created by the volcano Leitahraun, and is considered as the biggest lava tunnel on Iceland.

Into the glacier

As the name indicates Iceland is a land consisting of a lot of ice. As a result of that we have to visit the glacier Langjokull. The visit includes a trip through an ice tunnel in the very glacier, making it a direct opposite experience than the stony lava tunnel mentioned above.


We are also going to visit another glacier called Jökulsárlón. This time we are going to kayaking through the lagoon, surrounded by seals, birds, floating icebergs and incredible wildlife in general.

Super Jeep

To gain the full Iceland-experience you cannot plan it all. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and listen to your guts. Well, this time it is not our guts, but the driver of the Icelandic Super Jeep who is in charge. The driver will take us on a Icelandic safari, and he decide the destinations. We will just lean back and enjoy the ride.

Horse back riding

This is my personal favorite. As mentioned in an earlier blogpost, I find myself very fond of horses – especially the Icelandic horses. I have tried to ride them many times before, but never in their natural habitat. To see these amazing creatures in the most beautiful surrounding is truly something to die for. This I’m really looking forward to.


As a part of our trip we will find ourselves seated in an ATV. Lava, black sand and Hagafell mountain is only a small part of the journey these four-wheeled monsters will take us on.


As if the ATV trip was not enough we are going on an Buggy Safari too. Through the natural obstacles of the landscape and the Icelandic countryside, the two-seated Buggy will take us on an amazing tour through the nature of Iceland. If you like speed, dust, mud and dirty roads this is for you. Usually I am not really into this, but for some reason I cannot wait – this trip is going to be awesome!

Glacier walk and Ice climbing

Last but not least we´re going on a glacier adventure, where there will be a combination between glacier walk and easy introduction to ice climbing. It will take place on Sólheimajökull glacier in South Iceland.

One day till our departure – and only one day till we go live and will update you as much as we can from our Instagram: @icetour.iceland.

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Hugs from, Pål, Elisabeth and Simone

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