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Icetour special – super jeep on glacier

We had arranged to be picked up at the ice tunnel by the owner of IceTour, Baldvin, in one of their enormous Super Jeeps! The Icelandic Super Jeep uses 40 – 46″ wheels and can take you to very unique places. From the tunnel we drove further up the glacier where the sun was shining even more. Baldvin brought out a handy grill and prepared a lunch with a view for us – absolutely amazing! Meanwhile the Icelandic sausages got heated Elisabet created a sitting area around the grill. We have never had lunch on such a peaceful and magnificent location – we had the whole glacier area for ourself. This is one of the things that makes the private super jeep tours from IceTour so special.


On our way home, the super jeep effortless drove down the glacier, despite the thick snow. When we got out of the snow area we turned left, onto a off-road trail. A beautiful waterfall-area opened up, and we where nothing but amazed. Here we crossed watercourses and drove up some very steep hills. The view across the horizon was also incredible. The super jeep lived up to its name, and we had an fantastic tour back to the hotel.

Many destination opportunities

The IceTour guide will take you to the best place on the particular day. The most common destinations are:

  • Langjokull (the glacier where we were)
  • Thorsmork (an extremely beautiful valley)
  • Hekla volcano: (known for hot springs, volcanoes, small glaciers and much more.)

If you have a specific location you want to explore you just let the guide know 

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