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Icelandic horses – in hot spring area

Finally the day is here – I (Simone) am going horseback riding! We got up early to get to the horse farm in time for our tour. When I say “we” I mean Elisabet and Pål drove with me, but I was the only one riding a horse. Pål and Elisabet made sure to document my tour in pictures and video, and as you might have seen on our Instagram story (highlights: between takes) it was quite a challenge for them to follow because of a flat tire. But the handywoman Elisabet and Pål changed the tire and got back onto the road.

The preparation

We arrived at the stable and got the right gear for horseback riding. Here I could borrow everything from extra socks to overalls. There is therefor no need to own or remember everything yourself, other then basics clothing. The people working at the stable made the horses ready for our ride. Then us guests gathered to get a horse fit for our individual riding experience. Since I have a lot of experience, I got a more powerfull horse that had the most amazing tölt.

The tour

We started riding in direction of the mountain following tracks through various landscape. The guide kept an eye on the group and decided a suitable tempo for us to follow. Before we rode into the most beautiful hot spring area, the tour took us through a small forrest, which is very rare in Iceland. Then we crossed a river where I definitely could feel the horse power. Our horses had abviously tried crossing a river before and walked easily through the stream of water. I thought this was extremely cool.

Tölt – the unique gait

On the tour I experienced plenty of tölt, which is a special gait for the Icelandic horse. All of the horses mastered the gait and it made the tour very comfortable, as you could sit steady on the horse while it was moving.

My overall experience

Overall the tour was great and I recommend it for both experienced and unexperienced riders. In my group there where different ages: father and his young daughter, friends, couples etc. All of the horses were great. They followed each other and behaved very well. If you are an experienced rider though, and want to ride in less various group i recommend you to try out one of the tours for experienced riders only: 5 hours: with bathing in warm lagoon and 3 hours in soft river banks.

Our guide and the rest of the staff at the stable was very helpfull and they had full control of everything. I felt I was in good and professional hands – in great atmosphere.

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Remember: bring some warm basics. We recommend at least point 1 and 2 from our packing list.

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