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Ice Tunnel – into the glacier

Yesterday was full of adventure, and today was not less spectacular! We went inside the second largest glacier in Iceland, Langjokull. We started the day being picked up by a bus at our Hotel in Husafell. The bus took us up to the basecamp next to the glacier, where we got the right footwear. We had our own IceTour overalls, so we didn’t need to borrow that. From there we were transferred to the ice tunnel in an enormous monster truck with 8 wheels, weighting about 20 tons! The tour started foggy, but as we went up the glacier the whole sky cleared up and we got the nicest sunshine – how lucky can you be!?

The Ice Tunnel

As we walked into the tunnel the sunlight completely disappeared. Saved by the soft led lamps we walked to our first stop, where we got chains strapped to our boots. With the new and better grip we started our tour walking further into the tunnel led by a knowledgable guide. In the first part of the tunnel you actually are in a snow cave. The glacier ice starts further down as you get lower into the tunnel. On the sidewalls you could see the layers of snow which describes the years gone by. When the years reaches summer, the layers in the snow got dark from dirt. Between these lines you could see the winter periods in a clear white snow layer. When we reached the actual glacier the sound and the look of the walls changed. The walls were more even and hard as a rock which reflected the sound so smoothly that it created a beautiful ecco. On the tour, our guide told us interesting facts about the glacier and the tunnel, which was very exciting to hear about as we were standing “in” the stories.

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Remember: though you get warm overalls at the basecamp, we recommend you to wear some warm basics. Check out our packing list Here.

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