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Buggy safari in beautiful valley

Buggy is not only a funny word, but also a fun vehicle! When we arrived the buggy center we got geared up with waterproof suits, as well as helmets, boots and gloves. We got an introduction on how to drive the four wheel driven buggy and then we were ready to hit the road between the mountains.

Our tour and the incredible nature

Straight after leaving the buggy center we were surrounded by beautiful nature. We drove into an incredible valley, crossing different rivers on our way. At one point there was an even deeper valley with birds flying and green gras growing.

No dry drivers or passengers

Even though the nature was great the tour was extremely fun, and wet! We loved driving as fast as we could through the puddles so the water splashed us soaking wet. There was also deeper lakes where we needed to plan our route to not get stuck. Even though we didn’t always succeed, isn’t that right Elisabet?  

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Remember: the driver must have a valid driver licens, the passenger doesn’t have to.


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