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ATV on black beach

Our first day in Iceland is past and we are already amazed! About 20 minutes drive from Reykjavik Airport (KEF) you find one of the most adventurous activities in Iceland. We visited a small town called Grindavik where 3 big ATV was waiting for us. We had no idea what a magnificent tour that were coming ahead us.

First stop: The cliffs

After driving the ATVs about 20 minutes we stopped at a extremely beautiful spot by the ocean, called Reykjanesviti. We walked up to a viewpoint where we could see the birds flying and the ocean smashing up against the black cliffs. If you have seen our story on Instagram, then you know what we´re talking about when we say it was breathtaking! We have saved the story marked “ATV”. You truly feel humble to nature, when you experience the magnificent Iceland. We must say.

Second stop: The black beach

After the outstanding view we drove further down the coastline and the nature changed completely. We arrived at a long beach with thick black sand, called Sandvik beach. At this location we got to play around in the sand which was very cool!

For everyone

Our tour took about 3 hours, and as a beginner like me (Simone) I must say the tour was a fit. It was a good combination of being pushed as well as I didn´t feel like it was too difficult. At first I thought, that the ATVs looked huges, but I experienced that they were just the right size. We asked our tour guide what our “tour-difficulty” was. He said it was about medium, which means, it can be easier or more challenging, depending on the group. We were a various group containing both experienced and non-experienced ATV-drivers and everyone had fun!

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You can book this amazing tour here on, Just Follow This Direct Link.  This is a tour we highly recommend!
Remember: the driver must have a valid driver licens, the passenger doesn’t have to.

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