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66 north – designed for the Icelandic weather

We tested their wind- and waterproof jacket, vests and headbands:

During our time in Iceland, we have been on glaciers, inside lava tunnels and horseback riding. We have experienced beautiful sunshine, strong wind and pouring rain. So we feel that our review of the clothing is reliable Even though the weather has been variable our jacket managed to keep us dry the entire time. It also kept the wind out. So by using a warm sweater underneath it kept us nice warm the entire tour. When it got colder we added our black vests and the headband that also worked outstanding. When there was no wind we preferred to use the combination of warm sweater and the vest. It both looked good and felt good. One other thing about the vests is that they dried up extremely fast after being soaking wet which is a plus when being out and about.

We hope this was helpful, and please check out our video for more information about the products.

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