About us | Icetour


We are a travel agency with an excitement and passion for Iceland. Since 2006 we have been specialized in group tours to Iceland, for companies and others in Scandinavia, that wanted that little extra. In 2017 we presented where our customers all over the world could book activities and tours directly on our website. These tours are either created by us like our  or carefully selected by us from our parters in Iceland, with no extra cost of course! We have over the years, focused on fast and personalized service.

IceTour´s background story

Baldvin Einarsson, the owner of IceTour started working with some of Iceland’s most famous tourism entrepreneurs. Here he learn how to create high-profile tours for firms like; Volkswagen, Statoil, Storebrand, Allianz, IBM, Volvo, Marie Clair, Microsoft and many more. In 2010, Baldvin founded the idea of making the longest man-made icetunnel in the world. After hard work and three more years, he managed to convince investors to build the tunnel. In the spring 2015 Into the Glacier opened and is today one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland.

Unique experience

With Baldvin and IceTour’s expertise, we can arrange something unique and special for our customers, we can offer an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

The whole package

We help you with absolutely everything for your trip. We custom make your tour, book flights, transfers, hotels, meals and all activities you may wish. Our goal is to create a memory for life.