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IceTour is an Norwegian travel agancy with strong roots from Iceland. With our expertise, we can help you without jungle of internet ideas experience Iceland at its best.
Baldvin Einarsson established Icetour in 2006. Since then IceTour has arranged over 1000 tailor-made tours in Iceland for our customers from all over the world.
Group 8+: If you have a group and need a program for more than one day. Please send, us an email and we will help you to make a tailor-made tour in Iceland. 
Online booking: For those of you that are looking for day tour or good activity’s, our online booking is an perfect source to find the best tours and activities that Iceland can offer and with best avalible price!

IceTour´s background story

Baldvin Einarsson, the owner of IceTour started in 1992 working with some of Iceland’s most famous tourism entrepreneurs. Here he learn how to create high-profile tours for firms like; Volkswagen, Statoil, Storebrand, Allianz, IBM, Volvo, Marie Clair, Microsoft and many more. 

In 2006, Baldvin started his own travel agency. IceTour is today known by regular customers and highly profiled firm as Icelandair as 100% trustworthy. Bjorn T. Larsen Icelandair Norway. “I have had the opportunity to participate in different customer events in Iceland where Icetour has been arranging and executing different land arrangements. IceTour with Baldvin in the Lead always delivers. I know few or maybe nobody who knows Iceland as well as Baldvin. Every stone, every person. When traveling with IceTour you are guaranteed a wonderful experience and always with a glimpse in the eye.“    

In 2010, Icelandair Group asked Baldvin to create something new for the tourism in Iceland. Baldvin founded the idea of making the longest man-made icetunnel in the world. After hard work and three more years, he managed to convince investors to build the tunnel. In the spring 2015 the tunnel opened under the name Into the Glacier and is today one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland.
We at IceTour love using our 25 years' experience guiding and organizing tours for people that want to see the beauty of Iceland. 

Unique experience

With Baldvin and IceTour’s expertise, we can arrange something unique and special for our customers, we can offer an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

The whole package

We can help you with absolutely everything for your trip. We custom make your tour, transfers, hotels, meals and all activities you may wish. Our goal is to create a memory for life.